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2012 Presidential Campaign Launches in Russian Style – Part II

[TRM's second installment on recent events in Russia] Medvedev made quite a few headlines two weeks ago with a series of moves that signaled a renewed push to ‘improve the investment climate’ in Russia.  This is, of course, not a … Continue reading

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2012 Presidential Campaign Launches in Russian Style – Part I

A number of recent events in Russia show that the 2012 Russian presidential election campaign is in full swing.  In keeping with true Russian style, this campaign is aimed not at a mass Russian audience, but rather the political/economic elites involved … Continue reading

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Medvedev Fires Luzhkov, Turns Corner in His Presidency

People will look back on this day as a major turning point in Medvedev’s presidency.  As I wrote back in May, “Simply put, guys like [Luzhkov] need to go, or Medvedev will run the risk of looking weak and naive.”  … Continue reading

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Kudymkar Deputies Challenge United Russia in Court

Though everyone is focused on the protests at Pushkin Square, there has been an even more interesting development out of Kudymkar, Perm (pop. 30,000).  The United Russia majority bloc of deputies had planned electoral reforms, which would have ended the … Continue reading

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War on Corruption – the Great Purge at MVD

The Russian commentariat is all abuzz today following Pres. Medvedev’s initiation of major reforms at the Interior Ministry (MVD) yesterday.  Medvedev not only halved the number of personnel at the Ministry’s head office (to 10,000), but also fired 16 officials.  … Continue reading

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