My Article on the Strategic Industries Law

My article on Russia’s new strategic industries law – “Strategic Protectionism? National Security and Foreign Investment in the Russian Federation” – is pending publication in the George Washington International Law Review. You can find the full article on my SSRN page here. I welcome any comments and constructive criticism on the article, as I am still making revisions and updates. Below is the abstract:

Russia recently joined the growing list of nations that formally control foreign investment in ‘strategic’ industries. The new law regulating foreign investment generated mixed reviews, ranging from harsh criticism in the media to restrained optimism from investors. In this note, I will argue that the new strategic industries law, though not perfect, is less restrictive than critics claim and helps establish the ‘rules of the game’ for foreign investors in sensitive industries. Most importantly, the law is generally consistent with standards promoted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and will likely help promote foreign investment in Russia.

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