Legal Update: Federal Bailiffs Service Given More Power

Yesterday, Pres. Medvedev signed into law FZ-194, “On the Introduction of Amendments to the Federal Law ‘On Federal Bailiffs.'”

The amendments granted some new powers to the FBS, as well as broadened others. The provision that has received the most coverage and ire of human rights advocates, however, is the FBS’ new power to enter a dwelling without a court order. An FBS source told Kommersant that the Bailiffs already possessed this power under different legislation (О Испольнительном Производстве), and that these changes were just ‘editorial’ in nature. Nevertheless, just based on the sheer size of the amendments, it is clear that this was more than cleaning up a few commas and replacing a few outdated terms. Radio Free Europe had an interview on the law:

Here is a copy of the law:

o sudebnykh pristavakh

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