Exclusive – Gazprom Dress Code for Female Workers

Posting from the Honolulu Apple Store – just wanted to get this up before [I think] anybody else. This is the Gazprom dress code for female workers, which just happened to find its way into my inbox today. I haven’t had time to even look at all of it yet, but it is as hilarious as you would expect. For those who don’t read po Russkii, the instructive graphics should suffice.

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3 Responses to Exclusive – Gazprom Dress Code for Female Workers

  1. Lyndon says:

    Jesse, this is hilarious! Thanks for posting. Two observations – its actually for Gazprom sub Gazpromneft, and it looks like it was prepared by an training contractor called Trening-Butik (see the logo in the lower corner of the ppt). This must be something they prepare for new employees, and my guess is that the base presentation is used for other clients as well. An interesting look inside corporate culture.

  2. poemless says:

    They don't often go all out with websites devoted to the topic, but this dress code itself is not uncommon at all in the corporate workplace.

  3. Jesse says:

    I realize the recommended clothing is itself not that controversial, but the level of detail (17 pages worth) spent on explaining the dress code to presumably fashion-conscious Russian women is puzzling.I'm glad they let me know that H&M is cheaper than Hugo Boss.

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