Event – Dr. Panarin Will Be in D.C.

For my readers who live or will be in D.C. on November 3rd, I thought I would point out an event that surely will prove to be equally informative and entertaining. On Tuesday, November 3, at 7pm, the Russian Cultural Center will host a debate between Dr. Igor Panarin and NO, not one, BUT TWO opponents! As you may remember, Dr. Panarin is the former KGB analyst who has recently gained notoriety for his predictions regarding the USA’s impending collapse (like, next year). For those of us who live in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast, we will soon be citizens of the European Union, which is arguably the best outcome under Panarin’s thesis. I am hoping for a carnival-like atmosphere to the debate and will be there to capture this historic moment for posterity. Hope to see you there.

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  1. Amichka says:

    I am so sorry not to be in DC for this. Please post a follow up on the event! 🙂

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