The Putin One-Liner Strikes Again

I wasn’t even going to mention this but couldn’t resist.  Last week, PM Putin showed up to the the Annual Meeting of the State Council to give a speech.  Now, by “showed up,” I mean he literally showed up out of nowhere to make an unexpected appearance and an unscheduled speech.  The guys over at Power Vertical dissected this move yesterday.  Putin made his minutes in front of the mic count, however, by dropping another one of his hilarious, debate-ending one-liners (“Putinisms“).  Putin’s grammatical knockout came in a response to rumors on the internets that the recent regional Duma elections were rigged.  The PM, visibly angry, hunched his shoulders in disgust and said, “Well half of what’s on the internet is porno!  Why quote the internet?  If you have evidence take it to court.”  Here is an exclusive TRM remix of Putin’s one-liner (you can watch the speech in its entirety here):

One possible explanation of Putin’s indiscriminate targeting of porno?  In the past, online interest in Putin has been found to be negatively correlated with online interest in pornography.
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