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2012 Presidential Campaign Launches in Russian Style – Part II

[TRM’s second installment on recent events in Russia] Medvedev made quite a few headlines two weeks ago with a series of moves that signaled a renewed push to ‘improve the investment climate’ in Russia.  This is, of course, not a … Continue reading

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Tip of the Spear – Can Big Business Battle Corruption in Russia?

Last year, there was a minor stir in the Russian and Western press when major European/American businesses and business associations involved in Russia signed an integrity pact pledging not to pay bribes in that country.  Many were skeptical at the … Continue reading

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But Wait, There’s More! IKEA Russia Corruption Misery Continues

Readers of this blog will know I have closely followed IKEA’s corruption problems in Russia, which have unfolded over the past year.  Coincidentally, these posts have invariably proven to be some of my most popular (measured by traffic).  I have … Continue reading

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Truth or Consequences – IKEA as a Case Study of Russia’s Miserable Investment Climate

Earlier this year I wrote about IKEA’s corruption problems in Russia.  Two senior managers were fired after Swedish media reported that the managers had approved a bribe payment by their general contractor in order to obtain electricity service for a … Continue reading

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Did the Kremlin Violate Russian Procurement Law? Medvedev and Putin Rock Out

Oh Dima, what were you thinking.  Last Friday, Pres. Medvedev and PM Putin engaged in a silly photo op, likely dreamed up by some Kremlin ‘political technologist’ (Surkov!).  The goal: show an intact tandem after a politically turbulent week that … Continue reading

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