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Legal Update: Federal Bailiffs Service Given More Power

Yesterday, Pres. Medvedev signed into law FZ-194, “On the Introduction of Amendments to the Federal Law ‘On Federal Bailiffs.’” The amendments granted some new powers to the FBS, as well as broadened others. The provision that has received the most … Continue reading

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Moscow Rules – Is the ‘War on Corruption’ About to Heat Up?

In a series of posts a few months ago, I argued that Pres. Medvedev is in the process of building his own independent power base, personally supported by his classmates from the St. Pete law faculty in the name of … Continue reading

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The War Against Corruption Part II – Meet the Federal Bailiff’s Service

There are probably numerous reasons why Medvedev is so keen on going after corruption right now. I do not doubt that he genuinely cares about this subject, as he has been talking about it for a long time and also … Continue reading

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