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Tipping Points – Handicapping the Chances of an ‘Arab Spring’ in Russia

Who are the Protesters? VTSIOM recently published a survey of the protesters, conducted at the rally at Sakharov Prospekt on Dec. 24. The survey results confirmed other reports that the protesters are mainly drawn from educated, urbanized elites, prompting the … Continue reading

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2012 Presidential Campaign Launches in Russian Style – Part II

[TRM’s second installment on recent events in Russia] Medvedev made quite a few headlines two weeks ago with a series of moves that signaled a renewed push to ‘improve the investment climate’ in Russia.  This is, of course, not a … Continue reading

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Strategic Sectors Law Update – Draft Amendments and First Meeting of 2011

Strategic Sectors Law Amendments On February 17, the Russian government submitted amendments to the Strategic Sectors law.  The only substantive change the amendments address is the ownership issue I covered here – i.e., that the law currently applies to any … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Russia – Part I – Infrastructure

[Note: this the first in a series of posts covering what are, in my opinion, the most significant examples of ‘what is wrong with Russia]. I’m not starting with the subject of infrastructure because it is necessarily the most significant … Continue reading

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Spy vs. Spy! Feds Bust SVR "Deep Cover" Espionage Ring

When Pres. Obama treated Pres. Medvedev to burgers at Ray’s Hellburger last week, I thought he was just giving Dima a taste of the D.C. area’s best fast food experience.  But maybe, he was testing his Russian counterpart, by bringing … Continue reading

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New – Russian Laws Search

Today I am happy to present to my readers a new tool on TRM – a Russian laws search engine.  The search engine combines several of the best online sources of laws, decrees, regulations, and legislation into one convenient search … Continue reading

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