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IKEA in Russia – Light at the End of the Tunnel?

It has been six months since I last wrote on IKEA, and I thought it was time to check in on TRM’s favorite foreign investor in Russia.  In December, it appeared that IKEA’s problems were only getting worse.  The whole story … Continue reading

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But Wait, There’s More! IKEA Russia Corruption Misery Continues

Readers of this blog will know I have closely followed IKEA’s corruption problems in Russia, which have unfolded over the past year.  Coincidentally, these posts have invariably proven to be some of my most popular (measured by traffic).  I have … Continue reading

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Truth or Consequences – IKEA as a Case Study of Russia’s Miserable Investment Climate

Earlier this year I wrote about IKEA’s corruption problems in Russia.  Two senior managers were fired after Swedish media reported that the managers had approved a bribe payment by their general contractor in order to obtain electricity service for a … Continue reading

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IKEA Scandal – Furniture Giant’s Corruption Troubles Far from Over [Updated]

Image via Wikipedia I couldn’t help but notice the high level of traffic – 10 percent of which came from IKEA servers – my humble blog received for my post on the firing of two top expat executives from IKEA Russia … Continue reading

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Growing IKEA Russia Corruption Scandal – Two Execs Fired

Update: Check out the Russian-language coverage here: Kommersant; Свободная Пресса; Независимая Газета; Право.ру; Слон.ру; and a lively discussion over at Ведомости.  Last Friday, Swedish furniture-giant IKEA announced that it fired two top managers at its Russia subsidiary ZAO “IKEA MOS” … Continue reading

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