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Strategic Sectors Law Amendments Submitted for 2nd Reading

Today, the Strategic Sectors Law (SSL) Amendments were submitted for their second reading.  The SSL Amendments will also likely undergo a third reading, and the assumption is that the changes between the second and third readings will be more substantial … Continue reading

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2012 Presidential Campaign Launches in Russian Style – Part II

[TRM’s second installment on recent events in Russia] Medvedev made quite a few headlines two weeks ago with a series of moves that signaled a renewed push to ‘improve the investment climate’ in Russia.  This is, of course, not a … Continue reading

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2012 Presidential Campaign Launches in Russian Style – Part I

A number of recent events in Russia show that the 2012 Russian presidential election campaign is in full swing.  In keeping with true Russian style, this campaign is aimed not at a mass Russian audience, but rather the political/economic elites involved … Continue reading

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2010 – Russia’s Wasted Year for Foreign Direct Investment

Marx once said that history repeats itself once as farce, and twice as tragedy.  I am not sure what level we are at now, but I have been feeling a strange sense of deja vu reading the news out of … Continue reading

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The Terminator Takes Moskva

So Arnie is in Moscow today.  He tweeted his arrival and received a response from Pres. Medvedev faster than a 12-year-old girl responds to a Justin Bieber status update on FB.  The Gubernator later popped up on the infamous Moscow … Continue reading

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