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Putin’s Bad Month – How the Sanctions Are[n’t] Working

Will the history books view the shooting down of MH17 as a similarly crystallizing event like the assassination of Franz Ferdinand nearly 100 years before? Maybe (probably depends on whose books you will read). In any case, it is difficult … Continue reading

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Strategic Sectors Law Update – First Commission Meeting of 2014

On June 26, 2014, PM Medvedev chaired the first 2014 meeting of the Commission on Foreign Investment. At the meeting, several deals were discussed/approved and amendments to the Strategic Sectors Law were discussed. According to public sources, the following deals … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Russia? – Intro

A lot of ink is spilled over this question in Western – especially American and British – media outlets and think tanks.  The meme is so pervasive that it is nearly impossible to discuss Russia without at least one reference … Continue reading

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Russia’s Economic Crisis – Oil Revenues and International Reserves (or Where Did All the $$$ Go?)

In my first post, I wrote that Russia’s economic troubles were largely the product of short-term factors, specifically the excessive reliance on foreign bank loans by major Russian enterprises and the sudden collapse in the price of oil. These problems … Continue reading

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Russia’s Economic Crisis – Separating the Forest from the Trees – Part I (trees)

Even though I have not posted in a while (exams), it has been exciting to see how much Western media coverage Russia received over the past months and weeks, even if it was almost entirely negative. Just the other day … Continue reading

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