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Strategic Sectors Law Update – Draft Amendments and First Meeting of 2011

Strategic Sectors Law Amendments On February 17, the Russian government submitted amendments to the Strategic Sectors law.  The only substantive change the amendments address is the ownership issue I covered here – i.e., that the law currently applies to any … Continue reading

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2010 – Russia’s Wasted Year for Foreign Direct Investment

Marx once said that history repeats itself once as farce, and twice as tragedy.  I am not sure what level we are at now, but I have been feeling a strange sense of deja vu reading the news out of … Continue reading

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Did the Kremlin Violate Russian Procurement Law? Medvedev and Putin Rock Out

Oh Dima, what were you thinking.  Last Friday, Pres. Medvedev and PM Putin engaged in a silly photo op, likely dreamed up by some Kremlin ‘political technologist’ (Surkov!).  The goal: show an intact tandem after a politically turbulent week that … Continue reading

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Medvedev Fires Luzhkov, Turns Corner in His Presidency

People will look back on this day as a major turning point in Medvedev’s presidency.  As I wrote back in May, “Simply put, guys like [Luzhkov] need to go, or Medvedev will run the risk of looking weak and naive.”  … Continue reading

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Strategic Sectors Law Update – Latest Approvals and Exclusive Draft Amendments

Last week the Commission on Foreign Investment met for the third time this year and approved seven major deals.  At the meeting, PM Putin noted that “foreign investment in our national economy was $21 billion in the first six months … Continue reading

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