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Strategic Sectors Law Update – First Commission Meeting of 2012

Last month, then-PM Vladimir Putin chaired his final meeting of the Commission on Foreign Investment Oversight (at least until 2024 barring any change to the makeup of the Commission). Indeed, the Commission meeting was one of the final significant acts … Continue reading

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Russian Business Environment Update – Part I

Economic Fundamentals Economic indicators over the past year were mixed, although a consensus view appears to be forming that they were a net negative and, notably, underscored the long-run structural deficiencies in Russia’s economic development model rather than short-term risks. … Continue reading

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Jackson-Vanik: Exit, Stage Left

There is a now-infamous study on the subject of “decision fatigue,” which looked at decisions by Israeli judges to grant vs. deny parole. The researchers found a wildly skewed trend in the judge’s decisions, but not by criminal history, ethnicity, … Continue reading

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What to Make of Putin’s Anti-Offshore Crusade

Last month, PM Putin addressed the Government Commission on Electricity Generation. At the meeting, Putin launched into a searing critique of Russian companies using offshore “front companies.” Indeed, Putin noted, “Taking the Russian economy and its strategic sectors out of … Continue reading

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Tipping Points – Handicapping the Chances of an ‘Arab Spring’ in Russia

Who are the Protesters? VTSIOM recently published a survey of the protesters, conducted at the rally at Sakharov Prospekt on Dec. 24. The survey results confirmed other reports that the protesters are mainly drawn from educated, urbanized elites, prompting the … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Medvedev’s Presidency Lives on … in Putin

Yesterday, PM Putin did his annual sit-down with the Valdai discussion club. Since its inception, the Valdai meeting has come to be seen as a forum where Putin relaxes the message discipline and says what he thinks without much of … Continue reading

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Strategic Sectors Law Update – Draft Amendments and Commission on Foreign Investment Meeting

Last week, PM Putin chaired the latest meeting of the Commission on Foreign Investment and the following day the draft amendments to the Strategic Sectors Law (SSL) entered their third reading, after languishing in 2nd reading purgatory since the summer. … Continue reading

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