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Russia Declares Open Season on American Brands

For Russians hoping to enjoy a Big Mac, America’s Favorite Fries, and wash down their meal with a Jack Daniels, the news is not good. In a thinly-veiled effort to retaliate against the United States for its Ukraine-related sanctions, Russian … Continue reading

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The Matrix Strikes Back – the Sanctions and Russia’s Post-US Economic Model

Everyone agreed that the first round of Russia sanctions were laughably ineffective, aimed at a motley assortment of Kremlin B-teamers, whom Putin demoted to limit the damage they can cause and about whom Putin couldn’t care less. The second round … Continue reading

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How the ‘Experts Case’ Explains Everything that’s Happening in Russia Right Now

As covered in the previous post, in June a prominent Russian economist – Sergey Guriev – fled Russia after investigators began targeting him in the case of a 2011 report on the human rights implications of Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s ongoing incarceration. … Continue reading

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Russia and Climate Change

This was briefly covered over at Robert Amsterdam blog, and I noticed the minor flurry of reactions to it, so I thought I’d chime in. The other day, Pres. Medvedev announced Russia’s plan for regulating its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). … Continue reading

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On the Eve of Obedev’s First Date

A few hours ago, Pres. Obama arrived in London for the G20 summit. On the eve of the first date between Pres. Obama and Medvedev (‘Obedev’), the excitement is palpable. Whereas many have addressed Obama’s likely cold reception from all … Continue reading

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Will the ECtHR Give Khodorkovsky a Ticket to Freedom?

I usually do not cover this issue, as you can generally find all things Khodorkovsky over at the Robert Amsterdam blog and in the Western Media. But an issue, and more importantly a dispute, is arising that could have potentially … Continue reading

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A Democratic Softening on the Eve of Clinton/Lavrov Meeting?

 As Secretary of State Clinton prepares to sit down with Foreign Minister Lavrov tomorrow in Geneva, hopefully someone on her staff will point out two largely unnoticed pieces of legislation introduced by Pres. Medvedev last week.   The legislation reforms … Continue reading

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